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How our tutoring works

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    It is important for us to understand your needs to find the best tutor for you. Call us on 0774 – 21 88 00

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    We handpick a private tutor that matches your personality and educational needs.

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    You meet your handpicked tutor for a trial lesson without any commitment period.

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Which school grade do you want private tutoring for?

  • Private tutoring for gymnasium

    1 Private tutoring for gymnasium

    Reach your goals with our tutoring and get admitted to your dream education! With a handpicked private tutor you will get help with your homework, but you will also gain motivation, confidence and great strategies for studying.

  • Private tutoring for grade 7-9

    2 Private tutoring for grade 7-9

    Boost your grades and gain better self-confidence with a private tutor. We offer tailor-made teaching that increases knowledge, teaches important study strategies and increases each students motivation in an engaging approach.

  • Private tutoring for grade 4-6

    3 Private tutoring for grade 4-6

    A private tutor makes a big difference for the students future within education. The student will learn a lot about specific subjects but also strengthen their self-confidence, create motivation and make school more fun.

  • Private tutoring for grade 1-3

    4 Private tutoring for grade 1-3

    We help your child build a foundation for the rest of their education. The focus is on helping our students find joy and self-confidence, which will elevate the students progress in a fun and exciting approach.

Personalised private tutoring in all subjects

– in all of Sweden, at every level of education

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Tutoring in math & science

Private tutoring in these subject: Biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and mathematics

Our tutoring in the science and math category are available in all grades, from grade 1 and to university level. We even cover a range of courses at the university level. Contact us for more info regarding our math and science help.

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Tutoring in language

Private tutoring in language: English, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish and German

Our homework help in language is also available for all ages and grades – from private tutoring for beginners to students at an intermediate or advanced level. Contact us for more information about private tutoring.

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Tutoring in social science

Private tutoring in the following subject: Geography, history, religion and social sciences

We provide homework help in most subjects within social science, regardless of your level. We also provide help in many subjects which are not mentioned below. Feel free to contact us for more information about our tutoring.

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Tutoring in economics

Private tutoring in the following subjects: Business, economics, and accounting.

We provide tutoring in economics and business at most levels. It is common to get tutoring in business administration at gymnasium level and accounting at the university level. Contact us for more information about our private tutoring!

Plans and pricing for private tutoring

Our plans starts from SEK 399 per hour. The most popular plan is for 90-120 minutes of private tutoring, once a week. In addition we provide comprehensive homework help before exams as well as other more specific plans. There is help to get regardless of goals and budget.

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